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creating jobs and expanding financial inclusion in Africa

The Future is CLIQ Token

Driving Crypto Adoption

Positioned to be Africa's largest aggregator of crypto merchants; powered by smart tech and intuitive onboarding policies

Capital for Everyone

Providing credit to businesses and their consumers using CLIQ tokens so that no transaction is left uncompleted

CLIQ Token
now listed on Latoken

CLIQ token will power zero transaction fee shopping for millions of Africans and give them access to never before seen cheap credits and loans. Get $CT early


Unlock Immense Power with Utility

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More Power with our utility schemes

Offline Affiliate Marketing

Leverage our robust network of 15,000 (and growing) affiliates to drive viral offline marketing in any corner of the continent.

P2P Payments & Lending

Faster borderless transactions between transactional parties, no processing or remittance delay

Investor Confidence

Buy Back

HODL and Hedge. We'll purchase your tokens at a contractual agreement regardless of the volatile markets

The Market

With 16% credit ratio to GDP, CLIQ token is positioned to be the investors asset of choice as demand for our crypto backed loans will push adoption


How it works


Purchase CLIQ tokens

Get started by purchasing the CLIQ token from the open market.


Join SpottR

With your multi-mode account you can find the customers that you need or as a buyer, you can find the items that you want. We also show you the businesses that accept crypto


Get Loans and ...

Why sell your CLIQ tokens when you can apply for VERY CHEAP business and personal loans


Do More

See Singapore from the app, get exclusive deals, join our agent networks with the same account straight from the app. Simply put, Chale, BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

$CT Rounds

CLIQ Token is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain with a total supply of 500,000,000 CLIQs

⬤ Presale 1 Dates
Jan - July, 2020

⬤ Tokens Issued
5,000,000 CLIQ (20%)

⬤ Presale 2 Dates
July - Oct, 2020

⬤ Tokens Issued
10,000,000 CLIQ (20%)

⬤ Exclusive Dates
Oct 2020 - Feb 2021

⬤ Tokens Issued
40,000,000 CLIQ (20%)

⬤ ICO Dates
March 2021

⬤ Tokens Issued
145,000,000 CLIQ (20%)

Discover our

Road Map

2020 Q3

Private closed beta
App launch
Community build and expansion
SpottR Oracle technical Design

2020 Q4

SpottR Community Growth Campaigns

2021 Q1

Marketing & New Markets
Initiate global marketing campaign
ICO Main

2021 Q2

Close ICO
Launch on Exchange
Release App v.1
SpottR Seed Round
Ecosystem Merchant Adoption Drive

2021 Q3

Ecosystem Merchant Adoption Drive

2021 Q4

Ecosystem Merchant Adoption Drive
Launch Series A Round

Frequently Asked Questions?


Cliq Token (CT) is an ERC-20 token for the SpottR social commerce ecosystem. It will power the platform transactions, ensure trust and most importantly solve the problem of non-consumption with its Business and Consumer Financing.

You can store your CLIQ Tokens in an Ethereum wallet. Please refer to our Youtube video resource to learn how to create an ERC20 ready wallet.

SpottR finances business and personal money needs. Click here to see learn more 

To get credits with Cliq Tokens ( given that you have purchased some), move your tokens into your SpottR Crypto wallet (Available by April), and request for the credit you need. Your tokens will be locked and the amount required forwarded to your local bank account. Note that the value of tokens for security must be at least one-fifth the required credits value.

SpottR gives credit at an unbeatable rate of 3.5% APR. Simply put, you get to pay just ₦35,000 on ₦1m after a year.

No we don’t. In fact, you don’t need to be employed to get money from us. All you need to do is Show Us Your Token which should be atleast 1/5th of the total amount you want to get from us.

Yes, it is. SPOTTER LIMITED, is a company incorporated under the laws of NIGERIA with enterprise registration number 1683319 and having its registered offices in Abuja and Lagos.

Sales & IEO

Cliq tokens sell for $0.1 per CLIQ until January 29th and starting from March, it will sell for $0.2 per CLIQ.

CLIQ Token can be purchased only on the official website and with Currencies such as(among others): [BTC],[ETH], [LTC], [USD], [NGN]

Cliq tokens can be purchased now in the exclusive presale from the official tokensale website, until January 29th and in March it can be purchased from our IEO partners, Latoken and Bitfxt.

CLIQ Token can be purchased only on the official website and with Currencies such as(among others): [BTC],[ETH], [LTC], [USD], [NGN]

An IEO which is an acronym for Initial Exchange Offering is a public sale of a project’s coin or token via an exchange for the purpose of raising funds for different project operations.

The Pre-Sale Round 1 began on January 13th and ended on the 6th of July, 2020 with a total of 5,000,000 CLIQs issued for Purchase at 0.02 USD/CLIQ..

The Pre-Sale Round 2 began on the 6th of July with a total of 10,000,000 CLIQs issued for Purchase at 0.03 USD/CLIQ and ended on the 30th of October, 2020.

1. Download an ERC20 Wallet App (Trust Wallet or Imtoken) from Playstore or Appstore. 2. Accept Terms & Conditions Imtoken requires the User to accept terms and Conditions before proceeding. Trustwallet doesn’t require such. 3. Create a New Wallet (On Imtoken) If you do not have any preexisting wallet in these apps, this will be the next step. However, if you do, just import the wallet. Using either your private key or mnemonic or backup phrase. 4. Create Password & Set Hint. Imtoken suggests that you set a Password and Hint. Trustwallet doesn’t ask a user for this. In Trustwallet when the wallet is created however, security can be found in settings and this process completed. 5. Select Multiple-Chains (Optional) Trust Wallet Automatically creates a Multi-Coin Wallet for you. This means that you have both an ERC20 wallet and Wallets from other chains. On Imtoken the user has the choice to select either a Multi-Coin Wallet or just a particular chain’s wallet. 6. Backup Wallet (To avoid loss of Funds) This step can sometimes come after the 3rd step. Regardless of when it does. Make sure the following is done; – Copy Backup Recovery Phrase and Store it Securely – Fill In Phrase in the Order it was given – Enter Next! Congratulations!! You just created a Multi-Coin Wallet!! PS: Your Ethereum address is used to accept ANY ERC20 token. Purchasing CliqTokens! 1. Visit the website; 2. Click on Join Tokensale or Purchase Tokens 3. Sign up. 4. Complete KYC (Know-Your-Customer) KYC requires you to upload some documents, just to Identify you. Hence the name, Know-Your-Customer. 5. Buy Tokens. – Select the currency to be used to pay it can either be USD, BTC, ETH or LTC. – Send Selected funds to the given address – Input the address it is sent From – Click on confirm payment and wait for approval of payment from team (within 6 hours) 6. Check Transactions List for the Payment under Processing Congratulations! You just bought CliqToken!!

The $CT ICO began at 12:06am on the 1st of March 2021 and end at 11:51pm on the 31st of March, 2021 with a total of 145,000,000 CLIQs issued for Purchase at 0.2 USD/CLIQ on Latoken and Bitfxt exchanges

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