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CLIQ Token

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Access discounts and cash back on the world’s largest multi level ecommerce ecosystem when you shop with the CLIQ token.


Why sell your precious crypto when you can access fiat loans up to 100% of the value of your CLIQ token balance and repay back in 1 year on 5% APR.

Partner Grants

Access full partner funding with 100% exposure to the community.

Crypto Asset Management

Get access to premium crypto asset management. 


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Get started with purchasing the CLIQ token from the open market.


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Join the SpottR Ecosystem and participate in tasks or complete transactions to build rating with easy activity-based auto profile switches.


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Apply for loans or the exclusive CLIQ Token card using your ecosystem credibility or your token balance


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Do More and pay back with ease

Active Round: Pre-Sale 2

CLIQ Token is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain with a total supply of 500,000,000 CLIQs

⬤ Start
Jul 6th, 2020 (12:00AM GMT)

⬤ Number of tokens for sale
10,000,000 CLIQ (5%)

⬤ End
Oct 30th, 2020 (11:51 PM GMT)

⬤ Token exchange rate
1 CLIQ = 0.03 USD

⬤ Acceptable currencies

⬤ Minimal transaction amount
2000 CLIQ

Main ICO
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Road Map

2018 Q4

Concept Generation
Team Assemble

2019 Q1

Proving the concept can work
Strategic Plan

2019 Q2

Platform design

2019 Q3

Technical demonstration

2019 Q4

Building MVP

2020 Q1

Alpha Test
In-house testing of functionalities
White paper completion
Pre-signed 10,000 Merchants
First community meetup (700+ attendees)

2020 Q2

Beta Testing
Token Presale 1
ICO Tour
Open global presale
Community Clusters

2020 Q3

Private closed beta
App launch
Community build and expansion
SpottR Oracle technical Design

2020 Q4

SpottR Oracle build
SpottR Ecosystem Bloackchain
technical design
SpottR Series A

2021 Q1

Marketing & New Markets
Initiate global marketing campaign and adoption (Africa)
Wallet Launch
ICO Main

2021 Q2

Launch on Exchange
Release CTC

Frequently Asked Questions?


CLIQ is an Ethereum backed ERC20 token designed for the SpottR app and ecosystem.
A larger amount of tokens is an added advantage to do more and be more. Each individual should be able to decide how many CLIQ tokens s/he should buy, however, the minimum amount of tokens for the presale rounds is 1000 CLIQs.

Click the JOIN TOKEN SALE or BUY TOKENS Button. You would be directed to the tokensale Portal.

CLIQ Token can be purchased only on the official website and with Currencies such as(among others): [BTC],[ETH], [LTC], [USD], [NGN]

You can store your CLIQ Tokens in an Ethereum wallet. Please refer to our Youtube video resource to learn how to create an ERC20 ready wallet.

Pres-Sale & ICO

The Pre-Sale Round 1 began on January 13th and ended on the 6th of July, 2020 with a total of 5,000,000 CLIQs available for Purchase at 0.02 USD/CLIQ..

The Pre-Sale Round 2 began on the 6th of July with a total of 10,000,000 CLIQs available for Purchase at 0.03 USD/CLIQ and will end on the 30th of October, 2020.

The ICO will begin at 12:06am on the 1st of March 2021 and end at 11:51pm on the 31st of March, 2021 with a total of 145,000,000 CLIQs available for Purchase at 0.2 USD/CLIQ.

1. Download an ERC20 Wallet App (Trust Wallet or Imtoken) from Playstore or Appstore. 2. Accept Terms & Conditions Imtoken requires the User to accept terms and Conditions before proceeding. Trustwallet doesn’t require such. 3. Create a New Wallet (On Imtoken) If you do not have any preexisting wallet in these apps, this will be the next step. However, if you do, just import the wallet. Using either your private key or mnemonic or backup phrase. 4. Create Password & Set Hint. Imtoken suggests that you set a Password and Hint. Trustwallet doesn’t ask a user for this. In Trustwallet when the wallet is created however, security can be found in settings and this process completed. 5. Select Multiple-Chains (Optional) Trust Wallet Automatically creates a Multi-Coin Wallet for you. This means that you have both an ERC20 wallet and Wallets from other chains. On Imtoken the user has the choice to select either a Multi-Coin Wallet or just a particular chain’s wallet. 6. Backup Wallet (To avoid loss of Funds) This step can sometimes come after the 3rd step. Regardless of when it does. Make sure the following is done; – Copy Backup Recovery Phrase and Store it Securely – Fill In Phrase in the Order it was given – Enter Next! Congratulations!! You just created a Multi-Coin Wallet!! PS: Your Ethereum address is used to accept ANY ERC20 token. Purchasing CliqTokens! 1. Visit the website; 2. Click on Join Tokensale or Purchase Tokens 3. Sign up. 4. Complete KYC (Know-Your-Customer) KYC requires you to upload some documents, just to Identify you. Hence the name, Know-Your-Customer. 5. Buy Tokens. – Select the currency to be used to pay it can either be USD, BTC, ETH or LTC. – Send Selected funds to the given address – Input the address it is sent From – Click on confirm payment and wait for approval of payment from team (within 6 hours) 6. Check Transactions List for the Payment under Processing Congratulations! You just bought CliqToken!!
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