Why SpottR

Why SpottR

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In many ways than one (1), the SpottR app helps you do more and in this article, I’ll show you how;

1. First, the SpottR app helps you to discover goods, services, events, places and businesses in a way that you’ve never seen before. Using interactive maps and smart searches, I will link your demand directly to supply. All transactions using @cliqtoken are free


Let me paint you a picture: Adaobi and her friends are visiting Accra for the first time and plan to have a girls only games night and have run out of alcohol at 1am. It is their first time and they know little to get around. Their somewhat of a host is Kwasi who is now presumed asleep. The girls open up SpottR and type in “alcohol in Ghana” and voila, they begin to get notifications from vendors offering them discounts. Magic? Yes, the SpottR type.

2. On SpottR, you can Trade By Barter, exchanging goods for goods that are balanced by @cliqtoken and facilitated by massive ecosystem data.

Let me paint you a picture: Sola, is a 400 level student who has a ton of books but wants PS5. His girlfriend isn’t buoyant but has an idea. Her brother got 3rd, 4th and now the 5th gen Playstation and has been looking to dispose off the 4th to raise money to buy books.

Are you thinking what we are thinking?

Yes, SpottR uses smart DB technology and data insights to balance and facilitate the transaction so that every party is treated fairly. By the way, Sola, reduce the volume, you’re disturbing the peace we need to make this thread. 😃

3. SpottR also supports P2P Payments & Lending for faster borderless transactions between parties, no processing, no data network required, no remittance delay, no fees. Yes. Zero fees when you use @cliqtoken for anything on SpottR.

See the picture. We already know that every app like ours can help you transact over distance. But do they help you without data and fees? Im driving through lagos traffic, battery is low, GTcB is acting up, I have no change and I want a gala. Don’t be surprised if the vendor asks you first to show your code. Why would he? Why wouldn’t he? No time!

P.S. if you’re reading this before July 2021, easy on trying it, were still getting them phones 😂😂

4.Thinking of transacting in the future? SpottR Futures allows for a transaction to take place today on a locked down price for products or services to be made available at a later time.

This picture is clear. Musa will harvest yams in July 2021 but his daughter needs to go to school now as ASUU got plans. That’s right, she will make it to school this time. SpottRs’ got plans too.

You can contact us on our website: https://www.cliqtoken.com

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