What Most Nigerians Want but Can’t Afford

Everyone has basic needs that are important for their well-being. Beyond the basic necessities; food, shelter and clothing, to get by life, there are secondary needs that have become so important to our everyday lives that if taken away, can lead to depression and in extreme cases, self harm.

As tech continues to push globalisation to new heights, the economic saying “Human wants are insatiable” gets a lot more fascinating to watch. Everyday, we work day & night to make sure these wants are fulfilled and this is where the convergence between our primary and secondary needs.

For Nigerians, this convergence packs a healthy dose of chaos, uncertainty, prayers and supplication and we all know that it takes a little more than wishful thinking to smash all the goals listed below in one year as a Nigerian, even if you are bad and bougie.

In no particular order, here’s a list of things every Nigerian want for themselves but can’t ””””’just”””” afford.

If you read till the end we will show you how you can afford all of it all. Yup, you read that right; all of it.


Don’t we all want to travel as human beings? Throw in bad economy and government, West of Africa and we’re certain we all would want to travel even if it is for a day.

While more and more Nigerians scramble to travel abroad for school, vacation, medicals or the search for a better life, traveling out of Nigeria continues to get more and more expensive. The culprit? A weakening Naira that continues to move in the opposite direction as progress. 

It’s not enough to get just your visa & flight fees, embassies query your ability to sustain yourself in a foreign country and so even if Aunt Amaka doesnt disappoint you on the flight and visa front, whos got your back on the upkeep front? As news of trafficking and stranded Nigerians in foreign countries make the news, travelers must take the issue of financial buoyancy alot more seriously but with a high rate of underemployment, you can be sure that crushing a travel goal post covid-19 will be even more challenging for many. However, we don’t think so.

That Big Event

Having a glamorous wedding or event is everybody’s dream but it comes with a price. Very pricey, when you factor in large African family and friends entourage that come around to celebrate with us.

Whether it’s a calendar event, or a once in a lifetime event, once the ring and the question go out, or the hallmark of a program draws near, there is an event to plan and even though most people may not have noticed, the excitement and anxiety share the period almost 50/50. 

The natural next thing we all do is ask a friend for help or contact a planner and if it is indeed a life event, then the latter becomes the only plan. A plan that comes with big pockets. It will be interesting to see how Nigerians plan and execute events post Covid-19 but regardless of how they decide to go about it, we are letting them know that we care about their events. You don’t have to break the bank or the friendship for it. Our plan na jeje.

Owning a house

In the words of the richest man in Babylon, “To own thy own home is the fifth cure to a lean purse”. Today, we seem to have forgotten this timeless idea. Owning a house has become a thing of age and not financial wisdom.

For those who still live under a guardian, understanding the weight of this wisdom will do you immense good as you set out to tackle independence.

The prominent reasons why owning a house doesn’t seem like a valuable financial idea to many are;

  • The cost of owning it and
  • The cost of owning one


Living in a rented apartment is as expensive as owning your own home. If we did the math, you’ll see that the numbers at the end of the given period will mirror each other. However, Nigerians are trained to buy things off the shelf, a tradition that is traced to years of embezzlement and corrupt practices. In an ideal world, almost everything, especially those that deplete incomes, is financed through one credit scheme or the other. The good news is, there is a proliferation of Buy Now Pay Later schemes throughout Nigeria which indicates that there is an active market of consumers who have either realised what an ideal world is or have learned the hard way. Regardless of how we are coming into this realization, the question becomes, who is your financial partner? An easy question for those who are employed but not for those who are unemployed… but hey, SpottR got you

To be very honest, paying rent that doesn’t convert to owning the property is a financial leech that needs to be eliminated.

Electronics & Interior 

Renting a house or building a new one isn’t where it stops, you’d have to furnish and make the interior beautiful & comfy.

What makes your home comfortable & habitable are the electronics and designs that take it from house to home and with a declining naira and a whole year of limited work, how will setting up new spaces impact consumers and their pockets? Having a comfortable settee might sound like luxury till you have to host that special one or a group of friends. 

Buying a car

For a user who has followed this post to this point, the next thing that will be in their minds as they visualize this piece and salivate on its truth, will be owning a car to match. However, for the average Nigerian, owning driving a car is the next thing after learning how to crawl; displacing, for many, everything we mentioned above to emerge number 1 desire.

In today’s world, owning a car is proving to be a lot more than luxury. While it is necessity for the average Nigerian trying to get from point A – B, for many, it is a means of livelihood, with thousands of young men and women enrolled under the uber and taxify driver program.

While public transportation continues to improve as state and municipal governments develop transportation infrastructure powered by private interests, we project a surge in the number of car purchases for 2021 and the question remains, how will this surge be financed? Will the average consumer afford the motor vehicle they need to meet various life needs.

Phones and Laptops

If you’re Nigerian, bread and buttered, you’d have wondered why we attach so much importance to gadgets, especially the pocket sized and mobile table top ones. Its almost as if flashy phones and laptops are access to VIP events and maybe even the heavens.

Everyone wants to have the latest gadgets (laptops & phones) and, while most people crave them because they want to take nice pictures and be in the class of people using these latest gadgets, for other persons it is the bridge between life (a skill and a job) and death (being unemployed and broke).

Acquiring these gadgets with high fx rates is becoming an extreme sport but not when you have a financial partner who really, cares… for the first time in history.

Starting a Business

We’re sorry, starting a business in Nigeria is the real extreme sport. Although we have seen increased Venture Capital activity in the recent years in select sectors, capital and business mentorship to many more Nigerians remain abysmal. For many Nigerians, it is not enough to have money to do business, they are not privy to what business opportunities exist and what size of capital needs to deploy. Not to worry, in our blog post, High Yield Businesses to do in 2021, we’ve helped you narrow down a few of them. It doesn’t mean other opportunities aren’t viable, we’ve just helped you a little. And the good news is, we provide the capital you need for it. Yes we do. Remember we promised to show you how to afford your wants at the end of the piece right?

How can the average Nigerian afford these things?

Remember when I said the whole world is run by credits and financing? I meant it. I mean, how can people who have regular jobs in the US drive brand new recently released cars? How do they own a home at such a young age. How do they do it and how can you do it. Definitely not like your fathers. They did it wrong and that is why they didnt invest alot because at the end of every day, they had little or nothing budgeted for investments. We will tell you about budgeting in another post but for now, lets talk you through our financing schemes.

Be it Travel, Events, Owning Property and Furnishing it, Owning a car for whatever reason or even starting a business, in 2021, all you need to have is 30% of the amount you need and our phone number and email address. That’s right, 30% of the amount you need and our phone number and email address.


We run a credit scheme that gives you access to funds to acquire anything you want.

With a 30% equity contribution we give you the collateral many of these banks and financial houses demand and still go ahead to loan you the full amount instantly and that’s not all. We also give you the money at a jaw dropping 3.5% interest rate per annum. For emphasis, PER ANNUM.

Still not all, your collateral, which you didn’t have and that you obtained through our scheme, continues to grow in value while you repay your loan and then once your account is cleared to a zero loan balance, you can request for even more at the same 3.5% interest rate.

For example, 

Let’s say you need 2 million for your travel expense, all you have to do is make an equity contribution of N600,000 and we provide the entire 2 million for you.

Unlike the conventional method for securing credits/loans where you have to provide a house, land documents, a car, a verified job and at least 24 hours wait time before you get a loan at above 25% interest rate per annum, our financing schemes are instantaneous, has no entry barrier/obstacle and is truly cheap for everyone.

Whats better is that accessing it the first time gives you access to COLLATERAL you never had and the collateral is yours for life.

In 2021, we are partnering Car45, Bosch Pedini, Dream Spaces and a host of other businesses to make it easy for anyone to purchase that vehicle, dream home, furnishing, travel and event line item of your choice.

To apply to our schemes and to crush your 2021 goals, click here or talk to the CLIQ Token Financing team via ctf@thespottrapp.com.

Happy New Year in Advance.

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