Loan In Nigeria for Students 2021

Loan In Nigeria for Students 2021

Loan In Nigeria for Students

Who is always broke? Students. I mean, is that not the truth? Students barely have enough to afford their upkeep, talk more about being able to make school related purchases. The reasons for this could be traced to poor financial planning for the little upkeep they receive, however, most professors do not care about your private financial stories; just get shit done!

Students need laptops, smartphones and other gadgets and tools to get their assignments done let alone students who have a business or two to push in support of their upkeep.

Well I like to be the bearer of good news on this one. You can now get gadgets for school, pay your school fees and even get financing for your business by taking advantage of SpottR credit schemes. You want to know how it works? Lets go;

SpottR is giving you the avenue to access loans in the form of Cliq-powered credits at very low interest rates of 3.5% per annum for wallets obtained and held for more than 3months and 5% per annum on the spot or fast-tracked credit demand. 

All you need to access loans from SpottR are CLIQ Tokens (CT), worth 1/5th the amount you desire to collect as loan.

This means that to request credit of ₦1m, you need to have CTs worth at least ₦200k. If those tokens have been obtained and held for at least 3months, it means he’ll have to pay just ₦35k interest after a year and ₦70k after two years. However, if the tokens were gotten at the moment of loan request, you’ll have to pay ₦50k as interest on the ₦1m after a year and ₦100k after two.

You get the gist of 3.5% and 5% per annum right? Well if you don’t, don’t hesitate to ask after this lecture

While you can already start purchasing the tokens now, loan disbursement starts by early April 2021.

To know more or get started visit the link

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