High Yield Businesses to do in 2021

Because certain individuals don’t have the technical know-how or strategies to start a business, we’ve done the hard work by researching and compiling high yield business opportunities to venture into in 2021 with little capital.

Every and any one can subscribe to our investment plan(s) in order to make 2021 a great year after 2020’s blow; whata year!

Starting a business comes with two major challenges

  • Knowing the right business to start
  • Securing funds/capital for the business

Regardless of the order, you need to tackle these challenges before successfully you can successfully start and run a business in and outside Nigeria.

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about both problems anymore as this piece tackles the first and our financing scheme(s) tackle(s) the other.

This article will show you the best businesses to venture into with very low capital for quick and easy returns and will also show you how to secure the much needed funds to start your journey. We’ve only helped you narrow down a few of them that require low capital to enter. It doesn’t mean that other opportunities aren’t viable and with, maybe, higher yields.

Here are the businesses you can venture into for quick returns in 2021 as compiled by the SpottR-CLIQ Token team;

Keke Napep

The Keke business is a booming one. With the ban of okada in major cities, commuters have resorted to using Keke for transportation. We have also noticed that these 3 wheelers now shuttle residents in estates in cities like Lagos and Abuja, not minding the complimentary noise they throw at us, lol

There are thousands of Keke napeps in every location but who owns them? Average Nigerians who need full income or a passive income

So how do you key into this?

Most people who ride Keke don’t have the money to get one themselves. They always look for sponsors to help them a napep, while they work to pay off within a stipulated period in order to gain ownership of the mobile.

Whether you want to sponsor or ride one, we are here to facilitate the transaction

The returns for sponsors under our scheme under a 9 month-period is between 40% – 50%.


Owning a farm or piece of a farm is a good investment as of today considering the renewed push by governments in Africa to scale up food production in order to meet the needs of the continent. Nigeria’s government, although criticised for over promoting subsistence agriculture, continues to commit significant resources towards food production with various subsidies to the Agro value chain to drive and sustain activity. 

You can work with farmers who own large expanses of land and invest in their farms for returns or you can invest under our scheme. We invest in verified, insured and backed farms to guarantee your returns. All you have to do is sign up.

Uber & Minibuses

As thousands of people commute everyday to and fro work, school, the airport and social gathering, the demand for more and more vehicles to convey them continues to rise, factored by weak transportation infrastructure. 

The Uber & Minibus business is one that has shown to be lucrative for both the drivers & Sponsors (Just like Keke napep mentioned above)

To start this business, all you have to do is 

  • Get the required cars for Uber & Minibus
  • Allocate it to a driver & 
  • Collect weekly returns.

Lucky you this made our cut. All you have to do is have 30% of the required capital and we do the rest. 

The returns for this business is around 50% – 60% of your initial capital.


Nigerians are known around the world as fashionistas; a title I dont quite agree with but let’s save that argument for later. The fact remains, we like to dress and whether its a skinny jean for a night of drinking with friends, or asoebi for that Lagos socialite wedding, Nigerians will spend their last dime to slay, kill, break necks and snatch your partner. We dey dress sha… lol. 

Anyway, if this tells you anything, it is the fact that there is demand, HIGH demand and as long as there’s demand, supply is inevitable. 

Because fashion made our short list, we will finance fashion houses that are solely into production by matching them with capital and manpower to make a killing off of this opportunity.

To get in on the action, sign up here


The production business is one aaaaaaaaaaalot of returns. But what production? We have identified that production of everyday food items that will otherwise be categorised as snacks, are a good opportunity as it requires low capital entry with great returns and because of the abundance of manpower and skill, it makes it even more enticing and this is why it made our list with plantain & potato chips production.


The importation business has been around for quite some time and it’s a big sector pulling in massive capital and the attention of the government, of course. 

While a lot of commodities make their way through our borders, we thought to let you know about the importation of fabrics and mobile phones

Getting these products at a good price and selling at 2x or 3x is how people make good money from these businesses. We told you about Nigerians and their demand for fashion but on this one, think about why has computer village has been a thing and why more and more identical villages and malls are springing up in major cities like Abuja, Benin city and Portharcourt. When there is demand, supply rushes to the scene and when demand go up,… this is not an economics class, my friend, lol.

From our research, you could bet returns of 80 – 100% of your initial capital. Read more here and sign up if you like the sound of profit.

Starting the Business & Sourcing for Capital

Now that you know about these high yield businesses, how do you start & secure capital for it?

First, let’s talk about Sourcing Funds

In our blog post what most Nigerians want but cant afford we said that starting a business in Nigeria is the real extreme sport. Although we have seen increased Venture Capital activity in recent years in select sectors, capital and business mentorship to many more Nigerians remain abysmal and this is where SpottR looks to act as a friend to bridge your financing needs.

To raise funds for your business, we offer a credit scheme that gives you access to the capital needed for your venture.

How it Works

We run a business financing scheme that gives you access to funds to start a business. With a 30% equity contribution we give you the collateral many of these banks and financial houses demand and still go ahead to loan you the full amount instantly and that’s not all. We give you the money at a jaw dropping 3.5% interest rate per annum. For emphasis, PER ANNUM.

Still not all, your collateral, which you didn’t have and that you obtained through our scheme, continues to grow in value while you repay your loan and then once your account is cleared to a zero loan balance, you can request for even more at the same 3.5% interest rate.

For example, 

Let’s say you need 2 million to start a business all you have to do is make an equity contribution of N600,000 and we provide the entire 2 million instantly

Unlike the conventional method for securing credits/loans where you have to provide a house, land documents, a car, a verified job and at least 24 hours wait time before you get a loan at above 25% interest rate per annum, our financing schemes are instantaneous, has no entry barrier/obstacle and is truly cheap for everyone.

What’s better is that accessing it the first time gives you access to COLLATERAL you never had and the collateral is yours for life

Our disbursements are instant and without hidden charges.


Let’s say you do not even have the means to subscribe to any of the schemes, there’s still something for you. 

Join our Offline Marketing Agents Network

SpottR is actively onboarding millions of agents across Nigeria who will earn a passive income by marketing and (re)selling most of the items under the various schemes listed above. To join, all you have to do is own some CLIQs and register. How many CLIQs do I need to join? As much as your appetite permits or as much as your marketing skills would permit. The minimum entry, however, is N50,000 worth of CLIQs.

CLIQ here to register.

If you need to speak to one of our agents, kindly fill the form in the link above and give us a call via the number listed in the front end of this website. You can also send us an email ctf@thespottrapp.com.

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